Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Melissa S,

I have always found it difficult to make, and more importantly, keep the friends that I make. I have many fair-weather friends and people I know and are friendly with, but it has been quite a long time since I've made a friend that made me feel like I could talk for hours, telling everything and anything to in confidence, and still be friends the next day. I know that it takes, it seems, major planning, just to get together outside of work because of husbands and children, but know that if I could be as spontaneous as I used to be we would probably be hanging out about everyday doing everything and nothing at all. We seem to get along famously, and have much in common - but different enough to keep things interesting. If we were lesbians we would be life long partners for certain. I wish I knew you long before this but so glad to know you now. And I hope that in the long run, despite all circumstances that arise, that we remain friends. It feels as though, not that you would do anything, but even if you pissed me off beyond madness I would be able to forgive you.

Peace and love always,